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Our Story – From Pop Music lover turned home-cook

The beginning – just like other youngsters, we also enjoyed pop music especially K-Pop and J-Pop. We’ve been actively involved in K-Pop music fandom sine 2008, mainly the K-Pop 2nd generation. It started with a boy group named Super Junior that opened my door into the K-Pop music scene. Since then, we spent most of our time surfing to TVXQ, Super Junior, SS501, Girls Generation, Big Bang as well as other famous K-Pop act. But it was through Korean variety shows and Korean Drama that we finally fell in love with the whole Korean culture.

Seoul – When you fell in love with the culture, you have to experience the culture. So we ended up fly to South Korea and actually set foot on the infamous Winter Sonata land. One of us is also studying at Sejong University. Only then we finally learn the Korean way of making food and master the cuisine. One of the biggest challenge once we got back was finding Korean food since it’s not easy to find them here in Sabah, Malaysia and how pricey it was even if you found them. So, D.I.Y was the answer. You know the food, you can make the food. So why not do it yourself? We looked at this opportunity to learn more as well as perfecting our “Korean” skills by cooking more and more food at home.

Then, in 2010 we experienced the same hype but this time it was the J-Pop because a lot of Kpop act debuted in Japanese music scene. We got to know AKB48, Smap, Arashi, and many more. we ended up repeating the history when we fell in love with the Japanese culture, not to mention we learned the language too.

It was through our love for Korean and Japanese food that leads us here, after finding the Halal ingredients of both cuisine but still maintaining its original taste, we can finally dubbed ourselves as the expert in the field. through business opportunity, Mukbang Lab finally starting its journey.


Founder/Owner : Nur Badriah Binti Abd. Malik

Co. Founder : Nursakinah Binti Abd. Malik

Co. Founder : Nur Baizurah Binti Abd. Malik

Associate/Idea : Sitti Munirah Binti Abd. Malik

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